Christmas Elf Door, Reusable, Temporary Fabric Wall or Shelf Decal

Beautiful high resolution art prints on high thread count fabric that is backed with a low tack adhesive. You can stick the decals over and over again – and bring them out again next Christmas! The decals leave no residue on 99% of surfaces so you can use them on walls, mirrors, windows, cabinets, furniture, appliances, electronics and more! (Always test surface first in an inconspicuous area – we include a sample piece for testing.)

Do you have a Christmas Elf that appears every year at your house? Where does he go when he’s not sitting on the shelf? Now you know – he goes through the elf door!

Decal is approximately 9 1/4 inches tall. (24.76 cm) Or about the size of your average elf.

Because of this unique fabric, you can place it in locations you wouldn’t put an ordinary vinyl decal.  Possibilities include along a baseboard, on a shelf, on a wardrobe or anywhere you think would be a good spot for your elf to go in and out of your house.

The decal material is green, non-toxic and phthalates free and does not leave behind adhesive residue when removed. Re-apply up to 200 times! No special tools needed for application – simply peel and stick – over and over again.