Classical Conversations Homeschool Planner • Digital Download • Rainbows

Designed for homeschool families who use Classical Conversations or a similar classical education model with a 24 week program in their homeschool.  (If you use Claritas or another 28 week program – a new version just for you is coming soon!)

Features designed specifically to coordinate with CC:

  • Weekly Community Day Pages numbered for each of the 24 weeks with Memory Work Subjects pre-filled, along with space for parent notes – or many people also use these for tutor planning!
  • Lesson Plans include 24 weeks with a Memory Work review schedule built into each week, Memory Work topics with space to fill in that week’s subjects, Bible section, Presentations and much more, along with space for Math, Language Arts and blank page for subjects of your choice. (Additional Generic Lesson Plans for non-CC weeks are also included!)
  • Resources include a Skip Counting Chart, Multiplication Table, and Squares & Cubes Table – all go through the 15s! Perfect for review or games.

Specifications:  You will receive TWO planner files – one with a full color background in the theme you purchase + a planner with no background in black & white.  This allows you to print all color – or a mix to save money on ink and printing if you wish.  Using a PDF editor, such as Nitro Pro or Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can re-arrange, edit, add or delete pages to your liking.  The format is not locked to give you the ultimate flexibility in personalizing your planner.  Based on feedback, we have tried to simplify the number of files for the planner.

Other assets to help organize your home and homeschool include:

– Undated Attendance Logs for the entire year that can be used for up to 6 children

– Lesson Plans:   In addition to the 24 weeks of CC Lesson plans, 14 Weeks of Generic Lesson Plans are included to assist in finishing out your year.

– 24 Weeks of Community Day Sheets – perfect for taking weekly notes or Tutor Planning

– Weekly Class Notes Pages – ideal for taking notes during Essentials or at a weekly co-op, Bible study, etc.

– Reading Log for Multiple Students

– Just for Mom: Book Log, Goal Planning, Bucket List, Moments to Remember & more

– Field Trip Planning Pages and Field Trip Scheduler

– Web Resources list to keep track of useful websites for your homeschool

– To Do list pages

– Coordinating, lined Note pages

– Christmas & Special Occasion Gift Planners

– Mileage Log

– Master Meal Planner and special Holiday Meal Planner sheets

– Coloring Pages

– Exercise Tracker

– Expense Tracker

– Mileage Log

– New School Year Checklist

– Curriculum Shopping List

So now you have everything in one place instead of on multiple sheets of paper in the bottom of your tote bag (oh -that’s just me?  Oops!)

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Please Note: If you purchased our previous planner this current version does not included specific CC Memory Work topics at the request of Classical Conversations. Space is included for you to fill in this information using your Foundations Curriculum Guide. This planner is not affiliated with Classical Conversations. This is an independent product produced by Inspired Trends LLC d/b/a Hot Pink Lime.


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